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Nice to meet you!  I'm Kim.


am the lover of all things positive and beautiful.  I often tell others that I prefer to remain in my "happy bubble".  I have lived in upstate New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and southern New Jersey which I now call home.  I began my career as a physical therapist and transitioned to the business side of healthcare.  I love both.  As work demands grew and the fun challenges of family life with 2 teenagers ate up my quiet time, I slowly learned that I needed an outlet.  That outlet was art and I set out on the journey to teach myself everything I could to become something I decided I desperately wanted to ARTIST!  


One gift I was most certainly born with is tenacity.  I have always believed that when you put your mind to something, you can make it happen with a little grit, a little patience (which I sorely lack), and tenacity.  So off I went,  exploring and learning.  What a wonderful journey it has been so far.  I starting painting in pastels, later began playing with watercolors in a sketchbook journal, then dove into oils (my favorite), and lastly, mixed media.  Although I so enjoy each one, and switch between them as I am drawn to, my heart remains with oil painting.  The creamy goodness of beautiful colors and the tiny "wow!" in my head when I create a sublime color I did not expect, is all part of the excitement. 


Painting has become my escape and the reflection of my reality.  When an artist paints, they study an object or landscape with an intensity where all other thoughts are blocked out.  Seeing how rose petals curve in layers surrounding a luminescent core. Noticing how an ocean wave curls just before it breaks.  This studying creates the most vibrant mental memories.  I feel attached to each painting I create because when I look at them I still smell the salt air, or still remember receiving those flowers from my husband and the way it made me feel.  They are little pieces of me and hard for me to part with.  Each one is a little stepping stone along my journey and I can only imagine where my journey will lead me.......





Kimberly Baker painting in Medford, NJ
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