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12"x12" square Mixed Media Original Painting, painted on 1/8" flat gessoboard.

Unframed.  Shipping Included.


Acrylic, stabilo pencils, gelatos, ink, and antique literary pages, sheet music and wallpaper. 

I randomly tore a from antique pages to include in my painting.  The ones in this painting include a quote "And you there you shall be.  Doesn't that content you?".  It also includes french sheet music which includes the mention of "L'oiseau rapide".  It wasn't until after I finished the painting in which I painted a bird, that the french words above mean "fast bird".  Serendipity!    I also included the parent's signature on an old grade sheet from the early 1900's.  The quote made me think that sometimes we are not content with our lives and are looking for greener pastures when all along the beauty and love surrounds us where we are.


And There You Shall Be

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