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Embarking on a Journey

Somewhere in the midst of endless paperwork, deadlines, errands, I began to wonder where I can squeak out some "me time" and do something that fills my soul. Something that no one else demanded of me or hoped I would do. Something that was selfishly all mine. I decided that I would become an artist. Since that epiphany, I have embarked on a wildly fun, sometimes frustrating and soul soothing journey. I have no formal art education other than a summer oil painting class 20 years ago at Boston University so I knew my journey would require perseverance, dedication and patience. I have the first two values, but definitely have always been lacking in patience- my family can attest to that! The most important lesson I have learned so far on this journey is that creating art requires you to ponder and let go of control and to study the object of your art. In studying what I paint, I have learned to see, truly see, all of the nooks and crannies and colors and spirit of that object. I saw beauty where I had not stopped long enough in one place previously to see that beauty.

An artist's eye is a gift. It holds wonder and sees what others do not. That vision is a step into another world, where no horns are honking, no timers are buzzing, no alarms are ringing with their reminder to wrap it up. Time stands still and allows us the gift of enjoying the moment. I am thankful I have embarked.


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