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View My New Art Studio!

In the past few months, I became more intolerant of my old self's sense of home decor. When my husband and I moved into our home in the New Jersey pinelands in 1999, we decorated our home with darker, log cabin, farmhouse style decor. It was cozy, and still is, a place to curl up by the fire with a mug of coffee. In the last several years, my sense of decor has done a 180. I would love a white coastal living look with lots of white and splashes of color. So little by little, and I stress "little" my husband and I are re-doing corners of the house. It doesn't help that we have 2 dogs and a bird who have run amuck. So one day I was staring at our dining room and decided I would love to have it as an art studio. I was currently sharing what was originally named "the toy room" with my son and his video game, tv, camera/lighting equipment zone. I wanted to paint in a space that I could make cherry and artsy and where I knew where everything was.

Here is a before photo.

How many time do you use a dining room anyway? For us, once a year. We had 20 year original wall paper on the walls and was time to go. So the husband so kindly agreed with my idea and I started to rip! After 3 hours of scraping and spraying, I learned that there was not one layer of wall paper but three! I got 1/2 of one wall done and learned what the beginnings of tennis elbow feels like. So weeks later, and with help from Carlos, the wall paper was down, and the room was painted a beautiful cheery color. I moved the little bit of art furniture in and all of my art supplies and got to organizing. All I needed was a butcher block table to paint on and to spread my art supplies out. As destiny would have it, someone was selling one in a yard sale for $20. His daughter had used it as her art table years ago.

So all I have left at this point is to get a new light fixture and I will be done!

I now look forward to hanging out in my art studio and have the vibe I need to create!

Here are some after photos. If you don;t have a space carved out for you, I dare you to do it! You are so worth it.

Love Never Fails,



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